Memorial Day on the 30A

June 16, 2017- Milton, FL – Here is a short re-cap from our family Memorial Day vaction. We had an amazing time in Seaside, FL for the weekend and I would go back in a heartbeat!

My family from Texas  plans an annual beach trip in Northwest Florida every year and this year we chose to do it in Seaside, FL. I had so many recommendations from friends that I simply could not try them all. This means I’ll have simply have to take a trip back! My family is a load of fun. I have four brothers and none of them are short on personality, so every vacation is an adventure. It was pleasant to have my cousins, my uncle and his wife join as well. My mom rented out a big beach home with Royal Destinations and we all piled in for one wild ride!

Scroll down to see photos of the beach house.

The Beach House – Photo Credits via Royal Destinations (Sheer Elegance) 

Blue Mountain Beach

Highlights From Our Trip

Renting Pontoon Boats and Partying on Crab Island – This is a must do in Destin! Crab Island is a beautiful area near the Destin highway bridge where the water is clear and shallow enough to where you can anchor your boat and party all day. There are tons of floating restaurants and bars to satisfy your cravings while you’re enjoying the sun! My Dad is obsessed with the burgers from CI’s Burger stand and purchased at least 60 burgers for our entire crew throughout the day! That same burger joint hosted a DJ and dance party in the late afternoon where we enjoyed listening to our favorite songs and splashing the day away.

Touring Seaside Square – I had always wanted to visit Seaside Square after seeing all of my blogger friends beautiful photos from the area. My friend Rachel Wehring of What Is She Wehring tagged along with me. We walked around the square with Proescco filled coconuts from Raw and Juicy and popped into every boutique that caught our eye. Later on in the week we visited a signature Lilly Pulizter store called The Barefoot Princess in Watercolor and then grabbed pizzas from Bud and Alley’s.

Dinner at Cuvee 30A – Cuvee 30A is an upscale restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach. Perfect for a date night with your significant other. My mom and I tried their NY Strip Steak and it was heavenly. The Rose’ Champagne was exquisite as well.

Riding Bikes through Blue Mountain Beach – I snagged a quick bicycle ride with my sister in-law before I had to head home on Wednesday. One of my favorite activities is riding bikes in scenic places. We took a short trip up the road to For the Health of It (30A’s Organic Grocery) where I had an acai berry smoothie and we split an oatmeal cookie from La Loba’s Bakery.


Until Next Time.



Rob Solo’d in the T6, our 1st Wedding Anniversary…and so much more!

Pensacola, FL – May 24, 2017 – Hello Friends! Life has been great here in the Carey household and Florida lately. We have celebrated a few exciting events since my last post.

– Robert solo’d in the T6, twice! He is now in the instruments phase of primary and on board to select in June. We are so excited to find out what the next step in Rob’s flight career will be…….helicopters, jets, C-130s or Ospreys?….I’ll let ya’ll know as soon as we do!

– We celebrated our first anniversary together as a married couple. Rob treated me to a special dinner downtown at V. Paul’s. We are suckers for Italian food and this place hasn’t disappointed us yet. After dinner, we stopped by my favorite downtown coffee shop Fosko Coffee Barre. Of course I had to chase down my dinner with a shot of espresso. It always makes me wish I lived in NYC.



                                                                                  Before dinner at V. Paul’s.
                                                                       Rob’s iced coffee and my cute little espresso shot at Fosko.

– I have officially been at my job in downtown Pensacola for a year now. Time sure does fly! For those that don’t know, I work at an awesome advertising agency called E.W. Bullock. Our office is situated right near the Pensacola Bay and if we’re lucky we can see dolphins swimming in the bay from our desks. I love the office and my co-workers. We’re always laughing about something silly or chowing down on free donuts from Milton Quality Bakery. I seriously don’t think I could’ve landed a better job here in Pensacola.



                                                                        The Rainbow Row of Pensacola – where my office is located.
                                                       The view of the Pensacola Bay from our office parking lot (just a tad foggy). 

– Rob promoted to 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. It’s surreal to think that two years ago I was flying to Charleston to watch him commission.



                                           Rob and I in the wormhole of VT6 after his promotion ceremony.
                                                                                                          Rob taking the oath as a 1st Lt.


                                                 Pinning on his silver bars.  For Memorial Day weekend, my family is coming into town from Dallas, TX. They’ve rented out a huge beachfront home in Seaside, FL for a few days (only two hours away from Pensacola). I’m pumped to spend some time bicycling, sipping mimosas and exploring the 30A. Send me your favorite recommendations for the 30 area ASAP!


Until next time.